Flypast QEII Platignum Jubilee

flypast to celebrate QEII Platignum – 70 years
A spectacular flypast of more than 70 aircraft marked the first day of Platinum Jubilee celebrationsDozens of aircraft from the Royal Navy, the Army and Royal Air Force, roared over Fairlop on their way to Buckingham Palace after Trooping the Colour. The Flypast watched by many near the Fairlop Memorial.

Photo Credit Ruth Clark

Full list of aircraft taking part in 14 waves.

Wave 1, 2 & 3
3 Wildcat helicopter, 2 Merlin helicopters, 3 Apache helicopters,
3 Puma helicopters, 3 Chinook helicopters
Wave 5          1 Lancaster, 2 Spitfires, 2 Hurricanes 
                        from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Wave 6          1 Phenom,  Texan
Wave 7          3x Hercules
Wave 8          1 Atlas, 1 Globemaster (C-17)
Wave 9          1 Poseidon, 1 Rivet Joint
Wave 10       1 Voyager,  Lightning, 1x Typhoon
Wave 11       1 Voyager – RAF VIP Voyager ‘Vespina’, 4 Lightning (F35B)
Wave 12       4 Hawks
Wave 13       15 Typhoons making up 70
Wave 14       9 Hawk – The Red Arrows

Section of Aeronautical Chart ICAO Sheet 2171CD Southern England and Wales Edition 36 (2010)  – showing Fairlop Lake.
(Crown Copyright –  non commercial use permission)

This Flypast on 2 June 2022, is probably the largest seen since 8 June 1946, when a sixty mile long Victory Parade air procession, also overflew Fairlop.

On that day in 1946 there were 12 Lancasters flying, as apposed one in 2022

The elements amassed over the Wash, then Southwold, Suffolk, Swaffham, Thetford, Colchester, then onto Southend. 

Timing was crucial, for example The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight left its base at RAF Coningsby at 11.57 hrs, over Fairlop 12.52 hrs and over Buckingham Palace at 1300 hrs. The Red arrows left RAF Scampton around the same time

For those at Fairlop awaiting the flypast could see the aircraft assembling in a holding pattern to the east of Fairlop before peeling off to the west

Battle of Britain Memorial flight – Photo Credit Steve Martin
Atlas and Globemaster – Photo Credit David Martin


15 Typhoons making up 70 – Photo Credit David Martin

part of Wave 3 – Photo Credit David Martin
RAF VIP Voyager ‘Vespina’ and 4 Lightning- Photo Credit Steve Martin
The Final Wave – 14 Hawks of the fabulous Red Arrows- Photo Credit David Martin

This year, Her Majesty the Queen has become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years loyal service.

Her Majesty has played an enormous part in our lives: always there in the background, giving us and the country a permanence and sense of continuity that helps stabilise our troublesome world.

We should all be grateful.

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